UAB "Family Clinic Gaižiūnai" is a primary health care center. A family doctor will be your first person to contact the whole family in the event of a health problem as he or she is the nearest counselor for your family. If necessary, we will refer you to the best specialists in the field. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and tests are performed qualitatively and quickly, thus saving the second important human value - time. High quality, responsible and long-term communication with you is our main goal. The growing number of registered patients demonstrates that we are a reliable, professional, responsible clinic.

The clinic works closely with "VAKK" UAB (Dr. Kilda Clinic), which employs a large number of highly qualified secondary level doctors. For this reason, not only primary but also secondary medical and laboratory services are provided here. The clinic has: X-ray (mammograms and various radiographs), endoscopies (high-resolution videogastroscopy and videocolonoscopy), ultrasound (joints, heart, thyroid, breast, prostate, fetus, blood vessels and other organs). Skin laser dermatology office removes scars, moles, warts, dilated blood vessels, pigmented spots, unwanted hair loss, facial rejuvenation, smoothing and removing facial wrinkles. Pediatric allergic, adult and pediatric urologic offices. Our state-of-the-art eye care cabinet will inspect your eyes quickly and qualitatively, and optics can be purchased at your optician's office. UAB “Family Clinic Gaižiūnai” has concluded agreements with territorial patient funds, which reimburse patients for the cost of services. All free preventive programs (breast disease, cervical malignancy, prostate cancer early diagnosis, colon cancer early diagnosis, pediatric canine dental coating program), childhood immunization schedule, drug injections. Anyone wishing to be treated at our clinic and living within a geographically convenient distance is welcome to sign up. Subscribers receive all statutory free services: health care, diagnostics, treatment, preventive health checks (for drivers who do harmful work, those seeking a weapon, etc.), immuno-prophylaxis (vaccinations), and various certificates. physiological pregnancy care (performed by a family doctor and midwife).

All subscribers to UAB "Family Clinic Gaižiūnai", at UAB "VAKK" (Dr. Kilda's Clinic) are granted the following discounts:

20% off initial specialist consultation

10% off diagnostic and laboratory tests