For patients

Procedure for signing up for UAB Gaižiūnų Family Clinic

The person, who has chosen UAB “Gaižiūnų Family Clinic” and a specific doctor, comes to the clinic's reception desk and fills in the application (the computer application form for minors is filled in by the registrar, signed by one parent or, in the absence of parents, by a guardian).

The following must be submitted at the time of signing:

for adults, a personal passport or ID card;
for children - birth certificate.
The registration of persons at the chosen health care institution and the registration of persons choosing another physician of the same institution is regulated by the Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania “On the Procedure of Signing in the Population to the Primary Health Care Institutions”. 583.

The newly enrolled person does not have to worry about transferring the person's outpatient card to a medical facility. Gaižiūnų Family Clinic is responsible for the forwarding of medical documentation and the handling of the signing documents.

Services for the patient start on the day of the appointment, but we recommend that you register for your first visit a week later so that we can properly prepare for your visit - get your medical history from your previous clinic, get your doctor to know and provide treatment or prevention advice.

Make sure you are covered by compulsory health insurance

Dental services for patients who sign up to UAB “Gaižiūnų Family Clinic” are provided by UAB SL Dent, Gaižiūnų g. 3a, Kaunas. Phone: +370 687 32375.

Primary mental health care services for patients who sign up to UAB Gaižiūnų Family Clinic:
Savanoriu PR. 423, Kaunas. Phone: +370 700 77778.

Where to go for help when  "Gaižiūnai Family Clinic"  is closed?

Emergency care in the clinic is provided by physicians of all specialties without a referral (according to Order No. V-208 of the SAM of the Republic of Lithuania, 08-04-2004, "Procedure and extent of provision of emergency medical care and emergency medical care services").

At the end of the Clinic's working hours, rest and holidays, in urgent cases, contact the Kaunas Clinical Hospital Admissions Unit (Josvainių g. 2, Kaunas, tel. 8 37 306 011) or any Kaunas or Lithuanian hospital admissions department. In an emergency, call an ambulance at tel. 03 or 112.

Death certificate

In the event of the death of a patient enrolled in the Clinic, the death certificate shall be issued by the patient's family physician or, in the absence thereof, by another clinician on working days. On Saturday, death certificates are issued by the clinic's on-call doctor between 9 am and 1 pm.