Radiologists - echoscopists

Echoscopy at dr. Kilda's clinic with a premium class ultrasound Resona 7

extensive clinical experience, highly qualified physicians radiologists - ultrasound perform:

  • Abdominal organs (liver, pancreas, kidney, adrenal gland, bladder);
  • Urogenital system ultrasound (kidney, bladder, prostate, residual urine);
  • Thyroid and cervical lymph node echoscopy;
  • Breast and underarm lymph node echoscopy;
  • Echoscopy of joints, peripheral nerves, muscles, superficial soft tissues;
  • Cervical vasculature.
  • Venous Echoscopy
  • Biopsies under ultrasound control

Preparing for ultrasound examinations 

Prices for medical radiologist's - echoscopist's services



Radiologist echoscopist

Eduardas Keleras

Radiolog echoscopist Doctor of Medicine -

Vaida Atstupėnaitė

Radiologist - echoscopist

Vytautas Eimontas