Endoscopy of nasal passages, nasopharynx

Difficulty breathing through the nose can cause a variety of health problems - headaches, sleep problems, reduced work capacity. The causes of this disorder are many: nasal septum distortion, allergic process, infection, adenoids, tumors. At the Kilda's Clinic, an otorhinolaryngologist (LOR physician, Ear Nose Throat physician) can accurately diagnose diseases by performing a nasopharyngeal videoendoscopic examination. It introduces a flexible optical device into the nasal passages. Such an examination is not painful and it is rather short.

Endoscopic examination of nasal passages, nasopharynx, vocal cords dr. Kilda's Clinic performs a high-quality endoscopic video system of German manufacturer XION. It is also possible to examine and evaluate laryngeal (vocal cords) imaging and function, to identify benign or malignant laryngeal lesions and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Testing is recommended in cases of prolonged or recurrent nasal and throat disorders.

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