Radiologist echoscopist Vytautas Eimontas supplemented our team of specialists in the dr. Kilda's Clinic. The doctor, together with the energy and enthusiasm, brings knowledge of the latest, most modern diagnostic and treatment procedures to this profess...
If you want to test your body for antibodies to COVID-19 infection (SARS-CoV-2-anti-S), we are performing a quantitative test for antibodies to Covid-19 infection. Contact our reception by phone +370 37 338286 / +370 618 63786 and arrange the date and tim...
The Otoacoustic Emission Test (OAE) is a diagnostically sensitive and specific method for assessing hearing function - particularly useful in diagnosing hearing loss in newborns, infants, and children.
We are happy and wish success at work to our new member of the team, cardiologist Jūratė Bidvienė