Laser dermatosurgery

It is not only aesthetic - it is also a preventive procedure for oncological skin diseases. Consultation with a dermatologist should be considered when deciding to remove any undesirable skin. Laser removal of birthmarks, papillomas, keratoses, warts, and other skin-related delicacies is a fast, effective, safe and painless procedure. Different sizes of structures can be removed by laser. In most cases, one procedure is sufficient to completely remove the derivative. Consultation with your doctor determines how many procedures will be needed to achieve the desired cosmetic or medical result. All lasers work on the same principle but, depending on the manufacturer, have some benefits that make it easier for a doctor to work. Much depends on the work experience of a dermatologist.

Daiva Samulėnienė, a doctor with many years of experience in laser dermatosurgery field, she performs various laser procedures at Dr. Kilda's clinic. The following procedures are performed:

  • Fractional skin rejuvenation
  • Laser firming of the skin
  • Laser dermatosurgery (Removal of derivatives: moles and other pigmented structures, warts, papillomas, cysts, mili, etc.)
  • Removal of vascular skin structures (capillaries, wine spots, senile angiomas)
  • Laser hair removal
  • Laser treatment of nail fungus
  • Laser scar correction

Ear piercing
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Laser hair removal
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Laser skin rejuvenation procedures
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Removal of dilated blood vessels
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Removal of pigments, warts and other skin derivatives
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Removal of scars and pigmented spots.
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