Initial rheumatologist's consultation *


Initial rheumatologist's consultation and single joint ultrasound


Initial rheumatologist's consultation and two-joint ultrasound 95,00
Joint puncture 40,00
Injection into the joint (without the price of the medicine) 40,00
Price of Injectable medicine (1 amp.) 10,00
Re-consultation ** 40,00
Remote re-consultation 30,00

* Initial, of medical doctor's consultation - 65,00 Eur.

* Initial consultation of a habilitated doctor of medicine, professor - 70,00 Eur.

** Repeated medical doctor's consultation - 45.00 Eur.

** Repeated professor consultation - 50.00 Eur.

reconsulting by a doctor or doctor of medicine, associate professor, professor is when if pass less than 1 month from initial consultation due to the same disease.

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